Date: 12th September 2020


Time: 12.48 pm 


Reason: Paddle Boarder

The Lifeboat launched following a tasking request from H M Coastguard to go to the assistance of a paddle boarder needing help at Cresswell.

As the Lifeboat left the beach at Newbiggin proceeding to the area further information was received that the person had made several attempts to reboard the board but was still in the water.

Proceeding at full speed the Lifeboat arrived on scene to find the person hanging onto the board being washed close to the rocks at Cresswell Scarrs.

In very shallow water the Helmsman manoeuvred the Lifeboat close to the rocks and the person and board were pulled into the Lifeboat. A Casualty Care Asssessment was made by the crew and it was found the person was in no need of further medical treatment so was taken to the beach and placed into the safe care of

Newbiggin Coastguard

The lifeboat was then released from the tasking by H M Coastguard and returned to Newbiggin, was washed down, refuelled and made ready for service.

Other Units: Newbiggin Coastguard


Photo Credit: Mike Sanderson









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